Technical Translation and Linguistic Consulting 本文へジャンプ
Certifications and PC Systems 

See the List of Certifications and Accreditations for the business areas to be handled.

List of Certifications / Accreditations

Certifications on Translation
Certified Translation Professional

Professional BES-authorized

IP Translation Proficiency Test
 (E-J Translation
  Associate Professional)

Test of Interpreting Proficiency
 (Associate Professional Grade)

Test of English Communication
 Proficiency, 1st Grade

Certifications on Business Areas
1) Certification by
  National Government and Agencies

Certified Specialist of IP Management
 2nd Grade    

・ Information Technology Professional
 Engineer IT Passport 
 (Systems Administrator)

・ Authorized Information Security

Certified Hazardous Materials Engineer
 Class B - Type

Certified Supervisor of Organic Solvents
 Operations and Management

Certified Supervisor of Pressure Vessel
 Operations and Management, Class

Maritime Special Radio Operator

On-the-Ground Special Radio Operator

・ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operator
BATIC, Bookkeeper Level

2) Certification by
 Other Public Institutions

Certified Information Security Meister

Internet (IT) Operations Proficiency
 2nd Grade

Consumer Electronics Engineer
  (Audio-Visual Mechanic)

Certification of Mathematics for Business

Education Consultant

Mental Health Counselor
Associate Service Care Fitter
・ Business Law Expert (CCI certified)
Labor Management Advisor, 1st Grade

Personnel Management Advisor
・Certified Real Estate Salesperson
 (certified by, and registered in
  National Federation
  of Real Estate Transaction Association)
Test of World Heritage Studies, 2nd Grade

Test of Archaeological Studies
 (Japan Cultural Heritage Conservation  
, Upper-Intermediate Grade

・ National Treasures Guide
 (Authorized by National Government Culture Promotion Program)
・Determinative Mineroligist Associate
・Certification of Shinto / Japanese Culture Studies
  2nd Grade (Association of Shinto Shrines)
・ Wine Examination - Silver Class Certified
  (Japan Sommelier Association)
・1st Grade Health Food Counselor
 (Dietetic Advisor - Advanced Level)

PC / Systems
OS: Windows 10
Software Applications:
 MS Word 2016 / Excel 2016 / PowerPoint 2016/
 Acrobat / SDL STUDIO 2017 SR1 / SDLX /
 Alchemy Catalyst 12.0
 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E-6400: 2.13 GHz

2013: Global Translation Institute
   (Certified Translation Professional)
1991: Inter School of Communication
   (Translation and Interpreting Training: 1988-1991)
1989: Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (1985-1989)

(Translation and Editing)
 ・ plant safety instructins (mechanics)
 ・ nuclear reactor facilities - Web Site
 ・ Windws server control / implementation manual
  - virtual machine management (computer)
 ・ corporate security management (IT)
 ・ labor agreement (legal)
 ・ privacy policy (legal)
 ・ machine operating manual (engineering)
 ・ MSDS, SDS (chemical)

Translation and Editing:
 More than 25 years of Business Experiences
 (incl. translation and editing)